Dedicated to saving the New York City Ballet at SPAC in Saratoga Springs

Hello! This web site is dedicated to providing a community forum for Saratoga Springs and nearby residents to discuss and plan initiatives to support the revitalization and financial stability of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Please join us.

Community trust is essential for SPAC’s long-term success. Over the past years, residents of the Saratoga Springs area have demonstrated their commitment to preserving SPAC as the regional treasure that it is. This includes maintaining the summer home of the New York City Ballet at SPAC.


One thought on “Dedicated to saving the New York City Ballet at SPAC in Saratoga Springs

  1. The New York City Ballet has been an integral part of our lives for 46 years. As an engaged couple, we were thrilled to share the SPAC experience with our family and friends. We were so proud to show them that living in ” upstate” New York we still had the magnificent cultural life of our urban contemporaries!
    Years have passed we’ve all grown a little stouter and grayer but we have been able to organize our summer activities and vacations around “the Ballet”. Our parents, children, and now our grandchildren have experienced and are experiencing our passion for the New York City Ballet.
    We can’t imagine the season diminished to one week. My husband and I have addressed many issues and made suggestions to the board and to Marcia White that have been ignored and /or rebuffed.
    The advertising for the ballet has been poor or non existent. Tanglewood for example advertises in the New Yorker; The NY Times and other Arts Magazines. I don’t know what their revenue is or what their budget is or if they are solvent but nevertheless they turn out the crowds.The intent and purpose of SPAC was the summer home for the New York City Ballet, as you all know. Live Nation is an afterthought … What a pity!
    Let’s keep do all we can to Keep The SPACtacular venue for what it was intended!
    Lois and Jan Dorman

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