Deja Vu Presentation of SAVE OUR SPAC (S.O.S.)

Maybe this presentation will help you understand that the old Special Events (old SPAC)  has been taken over by (in succession) SFX/Clear Channel/Live Nation  TO THE DETRIMENT OF SPAC’s CORE MISSION  to PROMOTE the CLASSICAL ARTS.

Basic Question: Why is the NEW CONTRACT with Live Nation EARNING SPAC LESS MONEY than the old contract?  Everything else has gone up; EXECT SPAC’s COMPENSATION ; IT’S GONE DOWN.  IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

SPAC doesn’t even get a taste of the profits – just a one time yearly fee with a bonus for over-attendance beyond a certain figure.

Link has been fixed

Index: (49 Power Point pages – 7/15/04)

Pages: 1-8 General Info – Of note – In 2000 –SPAC Signs a Ten Year Exclusive Booking Agreement With SXF – the World’s Biggest Concert Promoters.

Pages: 10-17. New York City Ballet (July residency) – Taking a Swan Dive  – 3 weeks to 2 weeks going to  5 days in 2013 .

Of note –  In 1998 – 50th Anniversary of NYCB. Company Suspends Its Pact of Mutual Exclusiveness With SPAC. (Things don’t get better after this happens.)

In 1966 – SPAC & NYCB enter a Mutual, Exclusive Agreement

• NYCB only ballet to perform at SPAC.

• SPAC only venue in this country where NYCB to perform outside New York City.

Pages 18-21  Philadelphia Orchestra (August Residency) – Now 3 weeks.

Pages 22-23 Jazz Weekend (last weekend in June) – Of Note – A profitable event for SPAC.  (Profit split between SPAC and Concert Organizer).

Pages 24-31 Special Events – Of Note – Special Events created to help supplement/pay for Classical Program at SPAC.  For some reason this is not working.  (See: Exclusive  Long Term Contract for Special Events).

Pages 32-34 Chamber Music

Pages 35-36. Museum Of Dance – Of Note – Turnaround lately( post 2005) – It’s in the Black

Pages 37 SPAC Formally Presented NYC Opera from 1986 –1997 (Mid June)

Pages 38-40 – Finances – Of Note – (Not enough info here)

Pages 41-45 – Selection/Election to SPAC Board – Of Note – Not stated, but money matters here.

Pages 46-48 – S.O.S. Platform

Page 49 –  Dates Material to 7/15/o4 – Of Note – Some things have changed since 2004.


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