Save Our Beloved New York City Ballet Summer Home in Saratoga Springs – by Louise Goldstein

Save the New York City Ballet at Saratoga Performing Arts Center!

Marcia White and the Hon. Susan Read need to go from SPAC immediately!

Saratoga Springs and the Capital District want the New York City Ballet at its Summer Home at SPAC for 3 weeks, NOT 5 Days which is the current plan of SPAC.

SPAC was conceived and built as the permanent summer home of the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra.


Marcia White, President(for life) of SPAC and the Honorable Susan Read, President of the SPAC Board(who cannot fundraise because she is a judge) are dumping the New York City Ballet.  Fundraising is the main job of any board of directors.

Saratoga Springs, New York prides itself on being the most fabulous city between Manhattan and Montreal. It has top notch culture, history, horses, architecture, springs, restaurants, shops, hotels, education, parks, pools and a downtown second only to Madison Ave., 180 miles to the  South in New York City.

The unique and successful flavor of Saratoga Springs is a result having the very best of everything.  The New York City Ballet is simply the best ballet company in the world.  It is the only ballet company in the USA with a permanent summer home since 1966 in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Mr. George Balanchine, the greatest choreographer of all time, who founded the New York City  Ballet was the reason SPAC was built.  The New York City Ballet has a world class orchestra.  There is no other ballet company in the world that can compare, and Saratoga Springs is the richer in every way to have been chosen as its summer home.  A whole ballet industry has grown up in Saratoga and the Capital District because of this company.

Except for a much appreciated Resolution from the Saratoga Springs City Council supporting the NYC Ballet several week residency at SPAC, Saratogians have mostly been silent?  Where is the outrage of the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, the Real Estate moguls and Bankers, and the huge dance industry that has sprung up because the NYC Ballet has always been in residence?

If Saratoga’s racetrack shut down the screaming would be deafening and the money to keep it going would instantly start pouring in like an avalanche from the state.

If the dancers, musicians and choreographers leave Saratoga, we will all be the poorer-in mind, body and spirit.  The loss to businesses, real estate and many other financial endeavors would be incalculable.

Wake up Saratoga!  Save the New York City Ballet or you WILL regret it.


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